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4 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

4 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

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4 Week Strength and Conditioning Program

5 Sessions per week 2 Rest Days

This is my Progressive gym based strength and conditioning program designed to make you stronger and fitter over 4 weeks.  I have designed this for experienced gym goers and for anyone who wants to drive their strength up and develop their overall Metabolic capacity and fitness.  

The Strength focus is in the major lifts - Squats - Press and Deadlifts as well as including accessory work to increase total strength, leaving no weaknesses.

Each session includes Strength and a mixed modality Conditioning workout as well as some Total conditioning session to get that engine working and to increase your work capacity.

Example Workout:

Back Squat 5x12
Front Squat 5x3
DB Explosive Lunges 3x20 - Light Weight
Barbell Sumo Good Morning 3x20

5 Rounds for time
21 Cal Ski Erg or Row
15 Dumbbell Thrusters
9 Burpee Box Jumps

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