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Dumbbell Program - 4 Week Plan

Dumbbell Program - 4 Week Plan

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I am very excited about this one!

All tried and tested by me and 2 months in development. Complete with Focused Warm up videos and an introduction to the program.

All you need is x1 Dumbbell (x2 recommended) and you are good to go.  This program is a full progressive plan, span over 4 weeks, focused on developing your skill and movement with the Dumbbell.

I have split this program into 3 Days on 1 Day off, allowing 3 days of complete exercises followed by a rest day to allow you to recover and be ready to go again the following day.

This is not like other plans, it contains FULL session workouts for Lower, Upper and Total Body sessions comprising of Strength elements, Core Specific exercises as well as conditioning workouts that will totally test you.

If you are serious about your training and want to level up, then this is the Program for you right now, especially if you only have Dumbbells at hand during lockdown.

Note* There are no easy sessions in this program, although none are impossible.  Hard work and dedication is required.  Turn up, put in the work and reap the rewards.

Sample Workout


Floor Press

Dual DB Bent Over Row


x4 Rounds

10 SA Front Squat

12 SA Snatches

12 Alt Clean & Press

Rest 90 Seconds



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