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Functional Body Building Program

Functional Body Building Program

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Welcome to FBB - Functional Body Building

Got some lifting experience but struggling to make progress? This program offers a unique take on bodybuilding, which will accelerate your progression in the gym!

FBB was the first ever program I launched online over 2 years ago and it is still one of my most popular training programs to date, hence why I am now relaunching it and developing it into a rolling monthly program.

The benefit of this is to build and create the community around FBB, so like minded people can come together, share and help each other in my platform, as well as adding in the motivation and drive that we all want and need!

I will upload the workouts each week, so you can see ahead of time and plan your week of training ahead.

What is FBB?

FBB is my own take on mixing in Body Building with Conditioning. I take my inspiration from many styles and types of training that I love and then I am combining it all together in my own unique way within this program.

I have trained in this way for as long as I can remember while also training Crossfit and playing sports. It has always kept me in peak physical condition and shape as well as giving me the physique look I always want.

FBB Focus:

  • Aesthetic Physique

  • Building Muscle / Fat Loss

  • Strength across the compound lifts - Pressing, Bench, Squats, Deadlifts

  • Some basic Olympic Lifting

  • Mobility

  • Conditioning Workouts and Capacity

Who is FBB for?

  • Anyone who wants to develop a strong and athletic physique

  • Anyone who want to develop the ability to perform in sports and Fitness Competitions

  • if you want to look good and get into the best shape of your life

This is my ultimate program to Look Good Naked and give you the confidence and knowledge inside of the gym to make every on looking envious and jealous what you are doing and the results you are getting!

Further Details:

FBB will work in 4 weekly cycles, consisting of 5 training sessions and 2 rest days. This method should allow you to train continuously whilst getting adequate recovering on the scheduled rest days.

Each training session will have a main focus, Lower, Upper and Total Body although most sessions will train your whole body as one unit - maximising output, burn calories and get you results.

The sessions have been designed to develop your training confidence, forcing you to spend more time using equipment which will make you grow in experience and feeling under the weight. The weights will be dictated by you, although for some sessions I have put what weights I recommend (known as RX for male and female) If the weight is too heavy for you to complete the sessions with intensity, then simply reduce the weight but keep the reps and sets as prescribed.

None of these workouts are unachievable or impossible, I want you to work with intensity during the Conditioning workouts, as well as feel the muscles working during the strength elements. Make sure you are always challenging yourself, you will know if the workouts is too easy, so up the weight if it is!

Rest Time between sets:

Unless stated in the prescribed workout, you can rest as required between sets, although do not rest too long. I would normally recommend 90 Seconds to 2.30 seconds - as a good base recovery time when training strength elements.

Equipment Required:

Barbell + Weights / x1 Dumbbell - Ideally x2 Dumbbells / Kettlebell / Cardio Machine or Skipping Rope.

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