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Limited Kit, No Problem

Limited Kit, No Problem

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Limited Kit, No Problem

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4 Week Program  - 5 Sessions per Week
If you have a DUMBBELL and or a KETTLEBELL you are good to GO!

Much like my No Kit No Problem program I have designed this program specifically if you have access to only 1 or 2 pieces of equipment.  All of the workouts can be done at home, but are also perfect any gym environment. 

The movements in the program can work with exactly what equipment you have, so you would just be able to sub in and sub out with the equipment you have.  For example if it is "Thruster" and you have 1 Dumbbell, then you will do Single arm DB Thrusters, if you 2 then you would use both of your DB's for the movement.

Same goes for the cardio elements, run if you want to run, or swap it for a Bike, Row or Ski depending on what you have.

There are no easy workouts, every session will be challenging a complete varied program to help you develop your overall conditioning and make you the ultimate fitness machine!
No Excuses
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