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Rig Training Programs

Rig Training Handbook

Rig Training Handbook

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The Rig Training Handbook - 2.0 April 2024 Updated Version

The Rig Training Handbook has been specifically designed for you, to help and guide you through the mountains of information out there surrounding Nutrition, Supplements and give you some solid basic guidance in the most important areas. 

The Hand Book covers some of the topics I get asked about all of the time, I explain them all in an easy readable format so you can digest the information and then apply it to yourself and improve your Nutrition, your training and Health.

Topics Covered in the Handbook:

  • Periodisation And Performance Adaptations
  • Muscle Building Nutrition
  • Complex Carbs, Lean Protein & Healthy Fats
  • Supplement Guide
  • Pre and Post Workout Nutrition

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